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Avenging Nell Carter

June 16, 2021

"To celebrate, honor and AVENGE Nell Carter." That is Tania's mission in this bonus episode of Tania's Take. Tania and her guest Steven Strafford discuss Ms. Carter's genius. They talk about her sitcom Gimme A Break, her amazing performances across genres and consider why she has never received the flowers she deserves. They also talk about being performers, the science of comedy, falling in love with theatre and performance during their formative years, addiction, race, body image and a performance of Nell Carter's at the 1992 Golden Globes that Tania is determined to avenge. Yes, the words "F*** Michelle Pfeiffer" are spoken. Twice. Find out why. Tania shares a regret that she has related to Nell Carter and a revelation. AND there's even some valuable take aways on how to be an antiracist and how to challenge your bias. 

08:45 old school comedy

16:38 our talk about Nell kicks off  

32:15 Nell's career trajectory that led to Gimme A Break

40:59 The Golden Globes story

58:57 how to be inclusive and unbiased

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Steve Strafford mentions his solo show Methtacular. Here is the link www.methtacular.com/show/

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